Elevate your Business Value Through VERCOR'S Proven Process

The process of marketing a business for sale and moving it to closing is very complicated and time consuming. Very few business owners understand the process well enough to manage all facets, and most owners rarely have the time or objectivity. VERCOR handles business sale planning, marketing, negotiation, and closing activities on a daily basis and is extremely qualified to handle the details of a business sale.

Our first step is to sit down with the owner and determine the probability of success and potential buyer fit. The more we know about a company and the owner's goals, the greater the likelihood of finding a buyer who meets their financial and strategic expectations.

VERCOR has established a thorough process to maximize the end result:

Phase 1 - Pre-Sale Planning

  • Finalize engagement terms
  • Establish goals and objectives
  • Data accumulation and fact finding
  • Establish market value and set expectations
  • Prepare confidential Deal Book

Phase 2 - Marketing

  • Finalize marketing approach and plan
  • Develop filter criteria
  • Marketing outreach
  • Present opportunity and manage buyers' interests
  • Obtain confidentiality agreements

Phase 3 - Negotiation

  • Review offers & reports
  • Manage key relationships
  • Address critical non-financial issues
  • Obtain signed Letter of Intent

Phase 4 - Transition

  • Work with counsel to develop definitive purchase agreement
  • Facilitate close of open issues between parties
  • Advise seller or buyer on strategic planning issues
  • Close the deal